Akansh Murthy

was: a scientific researcher, marketer for Fortune 50 clients, competitive triathlete, and entrepreneur with 2 companies founded before graduating college.

is: a software engineer, mountain hiker, reader, writer, and learner.

will be: a world-record holder and break dancer.

is familiar with: Java, C#, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript (Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, jQuery), HTML5, CSS3, Git/Mercurial, Swift, continuous integration/deployment, service oriented architecture, machine learning, and more.

is passionate about: anything related to health/healthcare/fitness, education, personal finance, stand-up comedy, art, traveling, and volunteering.

is currently reading: Principles.

has recently worked on: an NLP app that mines scientific literature and picks out treatment options, the Health 2.0 San Francisco website, open source projects such as the RailsBridge curricula, an adverse reaction and price notifier related to prescription drugs that won 1st place at the Health 2.0 2016 hackathon, a redesign of the medical billing process, a WebRTC-based telemedicine chat integration, and a triage nurse chatbot.