Akansh Murthy

I was: a scientific researcher, marketer for Fortune 50 clients, and entrepreneur.

I am: a software engineer, mountain hiker, triathlete, reader, writer, and learner.

I want to be: a world-record holder and break dancer.

I am familiar with: Java, C#, Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript (Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, jQuery), HTML5, CSS3, Git/Mercurial, Swift, CI/CD, SOA, and more.

I am passionate about: anything related to health or healthcare, education, personal finance, stand-up comedy, art, and volunteering.

I am currently reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow.

I have recently worked on: the Health 2.0 San Francisco website (which I created and maintain), open source projects such as the RailsBridge curricula, an adverse reaction and price notifier related to prescription drugs that won 1st place at a hackathon, a redesign of the medical billing process, a WebRTC-based telemedicine chat integration, and a triage nurse chatbot.